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Send Multiple SMS to all your recipients at a click

SendYourBulkSMS.com is an SMS messaging website that provides 10 Free SMS to new users. We offer a web tool that sends multiple messages at ₦2 per SMS.

About SendYourBulkSMS.com

SendYourBulkSMS.com is a website designed to help you minimize the cost of sending text messages using mobile networks.

We know how expensive it is to recharge mobile networks. With SendYourBulkSMS.com, you will enjoy sending SMS at ₦2 per SMS.

Drive Many Customers To Your Business

Driving customers to your business arena could be expensive, especially when you are in a competitive niche.

With SendYourBulkSMS.com, you can send multiple text messages to your customers and gain the whole lots of traffic to your business.

Our Target Audience Are Business Owners

SendYourBulkSMS.com is not just for business owners, but we are using them as our target audience so we can help their business grow.

Take your business marketing to the next level with SendYourBulkSMS.com. All you need to do is to SignUp, Recharge and Start Sending SMS.

Send Thousands of SMS at Once

You can send text messages to multiple recipients at once with SendYourBulkSMS.com. All you need to do is to SignUp, Recharge, Compose SMS and Click on Send Button. We'll take over from there.

  • Multiple SMS Accounts Allowed
  • Compose SMS by Numbers of Pages
  • SendYourBulkSMS.com target to block free users
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Automatically Separates Recipients Mobile Numbers

You might not achieve the right result by persisting to send message without commas. We have made this a lot easier by integrating automatic number separation with commas. Example: 2347036456410, 2348174380706

So you don't have to worry about typing commas behind all recipients mobile numbers one by one. So signup now and start sending multiple SMS with ease!

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Are You Scared of Being Blocked? We got Policy

No one likes being spammed, same applies to SendYourBulkSMS.com. SendYourBulkSMS.com spam detector blocks accounts that violate our terms of service. We understand that everyone wants to send multiple SMS for free and that is why we have designed SendYourBulkSMS.com to offer 10 Free SMS to new users.

  • Signing up with a mobile number more than once is Not Allowed
  • An option to edit a mobile number after signing up is Not Allowed
  • Multiple accounts from one user is Not Allowed
  • Unverified accounts is Not Allowed
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Save and Schedule SMS

You can schedule unlimited numbers of text message to be sent at different times to different recipients. You can also save SMS as draft that can be sent later or save an SMS to be resent at a later time.

In addition, SendYourBulkSMS.com offers you SMS Status for your Scheduled SMS to determine which was successful and which failed with reasons attached. Our system has a complete SMS management web application.

24/7 Support

Unable to signup on SendYourBulkSMS.com or any other related issue? We have provided two absolutely free support methods,
Call Us On (+234) 703-645-6410 or Email Us On support@sendyourbulksms.com

Frequently Asked Questions

SendYourBulkSMS.com SignUp is absolutely FREE for everyone. We do not request for money while signing up for Your Bulk SMS Account. Signing Up on SendYourBulkSMS.com is Free.
All you need to do is to Log In to your account, Recharge your account, Compose SMS and Click on Send Button.
Yes, Our main aim for designing this website is to enable you send multiple text messages to all your recipients at a click of a button.
No, SendYourBulkSMS.com is designed to help you from sending text message from your mobile phone to too many recipients one by one. But now, you'll be sending multiple text messages from SendYourBulkSMS.com as much as you wish within any time interval.
No, You can not singup for more than one account using one mobile number on SendYourBulkSMS.com
Yes, You can send multiple text messages to all your recipients even when you are not an admin, as far as you have signed up on SendYourBulkSMS.com
Yes, You need to pay to us directly to our bank account registered with J-Software Management Technology.
We have prepeared 3 methods of payment: 1. Cash Deposit, 2. Bank Transfer and 3. Online Payment using ATM Card.
Yes, SendYourBulkSMS.com automatically sends all scheduled SMS at their set time even when the user is offline.
The aim of this auto SMS is to save you time and cost of internet data.
There is NO LIMIT to how many SMS you can schedule.
Because our server time is different from your local time.